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Hats Finance Lead Developer 

We are looking for a lead Engineering contributor with proven Solidity, software development expertise, and management experience, who wants to lead leaders,  a team highly technical with a deep understanding of DeFi mechanics and take it to the next level.

Hats Finance is a cyber-security bounty network governed by its community of hackers, projects, and token holders. We have created a decentralized protocol for proactive smart contract protection. Our mission is to make the crypto ecosystem and decentralized finance structures safer for existing stakeholders and to help build trust for wider adoption.

Having done a successful seed round of funding, we are now in the scaling phase and are looking for someone to take a senior role in our development team.


  • Lead a high transparency development culture that shares success stories and post mortems with the same enthusiasm.

  • Be a hands-on leader, writing and mentoring contributors to create a high quality and well-tested Solidity/Subgraph code, following the latest design and development patterns.

  • Ensure that the project and engineering duties are fulfilled, being responsible for solving engineering issues as they arise.

  • Manage a team that is responsible for smart contracts, Subgraphs, and front end) ensuring quality products are shipped consistently according to a roadmap.

  • Be available. The DAO, Defi, and smart contract environment require tremendous flexibility and adaptability to changes. New code practices and vulnerabilities can be discovered that can require your full availability at a moment’s notice.

  • Provide support to the development team including answering technical questions; proposing different approaches to solve technical problems; onboard and mentoring new contributors.

  • Work together with the marketing and community team to assign and organize the workload between the teams.

  • Partner with other stakeholders to build/update and deliver a balanced roadmap.

  • Vet technical plans before assigning responsibilities to people within the team.

  • Be willing to support contributors on GitHub in order to grow the code’s contributor base.

  • Lead and participate in audit sessions (and create remediation documents) and follow Agile-like processes in a flexible environment.

  • Document the requirements, architecture and design proposed to provide software solutions.

  • Constantly improve yourself by keeping up to date with the latest technologies trends

  • Provide project status information to the other community members.

  • Write and guide contributors to create robust tests that cover the whole codebase.

  • Promote and build collaboration, accountability and responsibility spirit within the team.


The key requirements for this position are as follows:

  • Significant experience as a Software Engineer, having worked on a team, participated in the design and code review process, and having not only shipped products but successfully landed them.

  • A foundational understanding of Computer Science and a strong grasp on fundamentals, both in theory and in practice

  • Knowledge of Ethereum or blockchain-related technologies

Bonus points for the following:

  • Knowledge of distributed systems, systems architecture, systems programming

  • Experience developing on top of Ethereum

  • Experience developing Solidity smart contracts

  • Experience with a security audit of smart contracts

  • Experience in a DevOps environment (blockchain)

  • Experience with working with Subgraphs (the graph) 

  • Experience working with clients (DAO members) and a team of software engineers (contributors) while handling multiple accounts and group projects.

  • Great understanding of continuous integration tools and blockchain management tools

  • Great understanding of blockchain test tools (e.g. testnets)

  • Great understating of testing, troubleshooting and distributed computing

  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills in English 

The Opportunity

This position will allow you to work on open-source software with passionate engineers working on cutting-edge solutions to securing the crypto sphere. The code you write will be mission-critical in securing projects worth billions of dollars and we are offering great benefits to honor the key role you would play.

The benefits we offer are:

  • Competitive salary and bonus

  • A fully remote working experience, with paid travel with the team to key, important conferences for Ethereum

  • PTO as need arises

  • Autonomy and ownership of important features that will go live and secure billions of dollars in the Ethereum network. 

Useful links: 

Creating the future of security on #Ethereum
Size:  1-10 employees
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