Solidity Engineer
Berlin +1
Junior +1 · Full time
Posted 17 days ago

🌟 The role

We are looking for a Solidity Engineer with expertise in building Web3 applications. You will be working as part of a cross-functional development team, supported by other peers in Product, Design & Engineering, and helping us to achieve our mission of empowering the next generation of DAO contributors.

As part of the early team of first hires, you will have an opportunity to wear many hats and help influence not only the direction of the product but also the company. A formal computer science degree is not necessary: we're interested in your skills and attitude, not your degree.


💫 What we expect from you

  • You’ve done this before. We expect you to have a breadth of experience using the Web3 development stack & tooling, a deep understanding of the Ethereum ecosystem, developed proficiency in using Solidity, and launched products on Mainnet.
  • You’re a self-starter. We’re a small team and we expect you to lead your function and do what needs to be done without waiting for instructions.
  • You can work seamlessly across the tech stack. We’re looking for someone who can navigate our tech stack, regardless of their specialization, to solve technical problems. Since there will be a steep learning curve, we expect a high willingness to learn new things.
  • You have leadership potential and drive. We hope to find someone who has the potential to lead the platform development at the company long-term and grow into a leadership role.
  • You are motivated by mission over personal gain. We are a mission-driven company. We believe that DAOs have the potential to bring about a fairer version of the Internet (what we call Web3), and we expect our early employees to be excited to join us on this mission.
  • You are resourceful and entrepreneurial and being part of an early-stage startup excites you. As a very early-stage startup, we are dynamic and constantly changing and evolving – if you are excited by the possibility to build something from the ground up, adapt to changing user needs and problem-solve, you will thrive. If you prefer the steady comfort of a big company, you probably won’t be happy in the early stages with us.


✨What you can expect from us

  • An open, inclusive, and mission-oriented company culture. We believe in diverse teams, transparent communication, and working on things that matter to us. We hate office politics, micromanagement, bro-culture, and ego.
  • Working on an exciting mission. We’re working on Otterspace because we believe we can make a difference in unlocking the potential of DAOs and making them accessible to the next generation of contributors. As our first design hire, you will be able to make a significant impact on moving this mission forward.
  • Growth opportunities. We believe in empowering the people we work with and leading from behind to help you grow and reach your potential. As part of a small early-stage team, you will have the chance to grow with the company and lead a team of designers in the long term.
  • Competitive salary and benefits package. We don’t expect anyone (except us as founders) to take a pay cut for working for an early-stage startup. You can expect a competitive salary + equity package and benefits such as local transport, office lunches, and company retreats.


🛰 The boring stuff

  • We’re based in Berlin, Germany (UTC+1) but accept applications for remote candidates.
  • If you are interested in relocation, we can help you with your visa if you need one and support you with a generous relocation package


For more info on 🦦 Otterspace, check out our careers page.

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