Lead Community Manager
Senior · Full time
Posted 7 months ago

Created in 2019, CryptoSkulls is the second 10K PFP NFT collection ever after CryptoPunks. Since our rediscovery in January 2022, interest in the project has skyrocketed and the community has recently formed a DAO to fund future growth, encourage permissionless building, and set a precedent in the NFT space that a decentralized, community-run organization can deliver utility to a PFP community the same way that a venture-backed corporation can.

We're looking to hire a lead community manager as well as two additional community managers. All three positions are full-time and you will be a contractor working for our DAO. The lead CM’s annual salary is $80k and the other two CM’s annual salaries are $60k each all paid in USDC. Additionally, upon completing the first two weeks each CM will also receive a floor CryptoSkull of their choice from the DAO’s vault. You will have flexible work hours but will need to be willing to work outside of traditional business hours. In addition to being energetic, passionate, and a self-starter we’re seeking individuals with expertise in the following areas:

-Social media and marketing
-Discord/Forum moderation
-Planning and hosting Twitter Spaces
-Planning IRL events at NFT conferences
-Networking and putting together collabs with other projects

CryptoSkulls DAO
The second 10K PFP collection ever.
Size:  1-10 employees
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