Product Manager
Mid-level +2 · Part time
Posted 9 months ago


As the Product Manager @ Bankless Academy, you will be focused on directing the Academy project towards its specific business & platform KPIs - helping our software engineers and product designers stay organized by sizing the design and dev efforts, maintaining cadence, and helping to both generate and prioritize a backlog of product features.

Because this is Web3, the position also entails some Social Media presence and community engagement as we continue to scale our team. You’ll find everything you need in our Branding Handbook.


The Candidate

  • 5+ years of experience shipping digital products and collaborating with others.
  • Strong portfolio that shows your grasp on bringing a product from concept to polished release.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Self-driven and takes initiative on executing shared vision.
  • Familiar with Agile/Sprint workflow.
  • Deeply curious about how and why people learn.
  • Clearly passionate about self-sovereign finance and Web3 app design.
Bankless Academy
Academy is preparing explorers for the web3 multiverse.
Size:  1-10 employees
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