Solidity Developer
Asia · Europe · Remote
Mid-level +1 · Full time
Posted 6 months ago

Unlockd is a NFT-backed crosschain lending protocol lauched in the Ethereum mainnet. We are currently developing the hole smart contract ecosystem to be the number 1 platform when it comes to NFT leverage. Holders can keep and maintain their NFT perks, to allow them to continue to use their NFTs while also using them as collateral. 

We’re supported by well-known venture funds and are currently finishing our testnet launch. This is a remote position (Europe to Asia) with travel opportunities and the chance to work on an innovative DeFixNFT project, currently at the frontline of this new space.



  • Design and development of Solidity Smart contracts (Ethereum Layer-1, EVM compatible L1)
  • Architecture and design of smart-contracts ecosystem
  • Integration with internal and 3rd-party services



  • 2+ years of experience building and releasing production grade Solidity contracts
  • Prior experience deploying complex smart contract systems to the Ethereum mainnet
  • Experience with lending protocols and liquidation processes will be valued
DeFi & NFTs
Size:  1-10 employees
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